1. I live in a very ‘good’ country. It might not be the best, but seems to be the ‘goodest’. #GoodCountryIndex

  2. Pueden monitorear la internet? Oh, wait, ya lo están haciendo! _Hay que cuidarse del tío Sam. 

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    127 obras de de Banksy para disfrutar
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    David Byrnenos muestra el New York Bike Style

    David Byrnenos muestra el New York Bike Style

  6. This whole photo collection is so impressive!  

    I want to be a mushroom hunter!

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    Mushrooms are great gift from earth! #MushyLove

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  8. Desde mi Buenos Aires querido, un poco de música y bicis. 

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    Debbie Millman on happiness, success, and what it takes to design a good life.
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    Irish beauty via @EarthBeauties 

    Irish beauty via @EarthBeauties 

  12. Creo que la mejor forma de homenajear a García Márquez, es leyéndolo, así que aquí van unos cuentitos. 

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    "From the wooden horse to the modern racer," this is the Evolution of the Bicycle by Visual Artwork. Music: Flying Home by The Benny Goodman Sextet.

    There are quite a few amazing and unusual bicycle videos in the archives, including Bicycle Sounds, a 1962 Bicycle Airplane, and a robot riding a bicycle. Bonus: engineering.

    via @ri_science.

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