1. Creo que la mejor forma de homenajear a García Márquez, es leyéndolo, así que aquí van unos cuentitos. 

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    from thekidshouldseethis:

    "From the wooden horse to the modern racer," this is the Evolution of the Bicycle by Visual Artwork. Music: Flying Home by The Benny Goodman Sextet.

    There are quite a few amazing and unusual bicycle videos in the archives, including Bicycle Sounds, a 1962 Bicycle Airplane, and a robot riding a bicycle. Bonus: engineering.

    via @ri_science.

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  5. Pianitos que nos llevan a tierra de fantasías. Buen decubrimiento via soundcloud

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    Some more awkward than others, but they all work, so much magic to be discovered in a First Kiss.

  7. I finally tasted today the so-called “best coffee in Dublin”, and yes, it was superb. I tried a very distinct Ethiopian brew and it was so different from any other coffee I have tried in town. A lovely experience. 

    Here’s a visual story of how it all began. 

  8. Aurora Borealis in real time. Simply amazing. 

  9. Sin desperdicio, todos los shows de @pertercurtin

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    What if we could replace plastics and styrofoam with something much more sustainable? Something that wouldn’t fill our landfills, pollute our beaches, or float out into our ocean gyres?

    Meet Eben Bayer, the co-founder of Ecovative Designs. In 2007, Bayer and co-founder Gavin McIntyre developed the idea of combining mycelium from growing mushrooms with local crop waste to make a compostable biomaterial. Their goal: use it for packaging, insulation, shoes, fiberboard for furniture, and other products, thereby reducing or replacing non-biodegradable synthetic materials and plastics that can leach chemicals.

    Are mushrooms the new plastic?

    To find out, watch this 2010 report that explores how mushroom packaging is made. For more information on what Ecovative is working on, read this article in The Guardian, watch Bayer present at TED, or watch Ecovative’s Sam Harrington present to NASA.

    Then watch more videos on innovative ideas and sustainability (like the Moser Lamp!)learn how creativity works, and check out Minute Earth’s The Biggest Organism on Earth.

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    Cada vez somos más. Y los que faltan, o tendrán que aprender o necesitarán un intérprete. Para mí, todas buenas noticias :D

    Cada vez somos más. Y los que faltan, o tendrán que aprender o necesitarán un intérprete. Para mí, todas buenas noticias :D

  12. Is there anything coconut cannot cure? Converted fan, I now always have a bit in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and even in my purse! 

    It’s antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and antiviral. It also aids in the absorption of vitamins and minerals. These immune boosting properties make it the perfect oil to use in a million ways. Here are 50 of our favorites

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    Good resolution

    Good resolution

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    Too true

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  15. The dark energy will eat us all… literally!